It is interesting that in physics heat goes from a hot object to the cold. It is never the other way around.

Because the cold doesn’t have any heat to give,  it couldn’t be the other way around.

 So when you get a group of objects together with different temperatures, the hottest ones keep giving heat until there is an average temperature is reached.

 The same thing happens spiritually.

When there is a group of people, that has the good, the bad and the average in it,

the good and the average keep giving (not heat but it happens in terms of attention, time and energy).
So just like the objects with different temperatures what would be a perfect or good group (or region) reaches an average.  

The good people are capable, productive and creative in nature.

The bad is not interested, not productive, not creative or capable, and may have the intention of destruction.

The average follows. The ones that can go either way. They don’t usually pay attention or care.

So the best thing to do is to hang out, follow and be in  touch with people who inspire you, the good ones.

If you are the good, by hanging out with the other goods, you will not be dragged to the average.

Chances are if you are average, you’ll succeed more or just be happier in general.

If you are the bad, you probably aren’t reading this.


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