TUNE IN TO YOURSELF


As you all know we live in an age that the world population is Many. 7 billion.

Technology is developed (compared to thousands of years ago ). So we communicate worldwide now, thanks to the tv’s , radios, internet, phones, travel etc. As world citizens, we have a lot of ideas circulating around, we are willingly or sometimes not willingly are subject to all .

When we go home after work, we turn on the tv and tune in to some channel. On a regular basis, many of us, get bunches of advertising mail. We turn on the radio while commuting to work, hear news, music, discussions, some of us read newspapers regularly or magazines….we get together with friends and family and exchange ideas.

All this communication that a person experiences, on a daily basis, CAN disperse the person’s attention from the personal goals (if the person has any). It is only natural.

So to prevent this, you need to tune in to yourself.

You can decide what your goals are. What do you want to have or do in life?

Money, career, children, interaction with other cultures (travel), personal achievements, learning new skills? All these can be considered topics of choice.

You can put things on your list similar to the following ;

1- I want to invent something that will be great use to the world (personal achievement)

2- I want to have a family and 5 kids

3- I want to have a great career in the field of ……OR I want to become the BEST at what I am doing (but best where? Best in your town? Country? The world? Decide for that too).

4- I want to be close to God etc.

 Be as specific as you can be.

This is my personal realization, when you decide what you want from life, you are subjecting yourself to what you want, rather than random things. I visualize it as opening up pathways in space for yourself  (look at the picture I attached, imagine your pathways are the colored ones in the picture). The things that flow in there are the things that you desire.

So by realizing your own goals and writing them down daily (a friend of mine who is very successful suggests doing this twice a day-in the morning and before you go to bed) will cause you to have a big transformation. It’s true and happening to me.

Because you will be so tuned in to your own goals, anything that comes your way that doesn’t fit your goals , in other words, “shouldn’t be in your path”, you recognize immediately and discard.

Notice I used the word transformation. As soon as you do this for a while (writing your goals), opportunities will come your way. They won’t be in the form of “here is your package delivery, inside the career you were asking for” : ) : ) .

They will be in the form of opportunities that you can act on. So you take action, do whatever is necessary to reach your goals. 

Another way of saying this is, the items that arrive from your pathways (opportunities) are the stuff that you can tackle with and win. They are your games and points of interests.

This takes us back to what I was talking about yesterday. When you do the above, you can have speed and determination at high levels! Because you notice the unwanted thoughts (or incidents) right away and do not act upon them and do not waste time with them.

            I hope this makes sense to you. Try this and let me know if it is working the way I outlined.


Copyright for the picture: jehsomwang


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