ARE YOU aware that we tell our kids to go to school , get a diploma and be something.

     I have seen this in my family, and I know it is happening all over the world.

 Instead of having a system like, you can be anything you want to be, be independent, learn only what interests you and what is necessary, produce according to your wishes, we have a system where the kids are sent to schools (often without even asking, would you like to go to school?) and expected to get approval (diploma, certificate etc.) to produce something. Then we say go get a job!

 So our kids go to schools, without really knowing why (because the parents keep registering their kids for schools : ) . It is a game set up for them without their approvals, they just have to complete one grade after another, kind of like hopping from rock to rock on a river…..and they’d better not fail.

The problem with all this is, they might do a good job at hopping and spend their years (11-15 years!)  and finally get a diploma and for what? To look for a job that is advertised on a newspaper, that someone created. Notice it doesn’t matter whether the business owner went to school or not. He still has the upper hand. Job hunting, competition, feeling of inferiority, seeking approval from the business owner,  these are the things we subject our kids to.

I understand some professions do need education, however the education for those should be brief (I might want to be a hairdresser, but I might not want to know about the history of hairdressing, what use?). So short education and actual practice with masters is the best solution (such as apprenticing with a hairdresser). In that way, your kid isn’t wasting time on unnecessary so called “education” and doing this for years!

What a waste of time.

 It’s amusing to me    : )

 How many years of general education can a person get? …you go to school for 12 years to finish high school (all of it being “general education”, so if we are specific about the average time the kids probably go to school, 9 months out of the year, about 22 days a month , about 12 years. In a year it becomes  (9 months X 22 days=198 days ), multiply it by hours they are at school each day about 7hr or so (198 days X 7hr = 1386 hours a year! Wait it gets more interesting, multiply it by 12 years you get (1386 hrs per year X 12 years = 16,632 hrs of studying. Let me give it to you one more time.

Your kid, to finish high school so he is catching up with the rest of the society, is spending about     16 thousand, 6 hundred and 32 hours, in buildings (called schools).

Amazing. What are they learning?  As far as I know, most students don’t come out of high school as geniuses, quite the contrary, their self-esteem is reduced, now they gotta get into the “job hunt” game or go to school for more. If you want to be a doctor for example (doctors operate on incorrect data anyway, the whole medical field does), you still have to have general classes for several more years  THEN finally can learn about human body. Is this a trap or what?  

 I don’t necessarily blame the parents who are sending their kids to school, it just became an automatic system over the years. In the 1800’s if they had knowledge people educated their kids, , or maybe someone in the village knew things . We don’t want to necessarily revert back to primitive times but , I will let you be the judge.

Since 1800’s , the inventors, the great people of our times mostly didn’t even go to school, they observed how nature worked, they discovered things.

There are many professions out there, from being a potter to being a wall painter to carpentry to publishing to even complicated things like computer programming etc. that your kid can do without a lengthy education. Why make them wait? Let them produce and be happy!


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