17438812_s  As you know the main activity of the news organizations is to provide bad news. Do not get distracted. If there is something you can do about a bad news, go ahead and do it. Otherwise, what’s the point.

Ex: On tv you heard that, some car accident happened in Iceland, so many people died and injured…ask yourself   “why is this organization letting me know about this incident ?”  “What’s the purpose?”  “What can I do about it anyway beside feeling sorry?”  You’ll see there is no point in it.

Accidents , bad things happen worldwide, but the job of news organizations is to go around collecting anything and everything bad that happened and bring it to your attention.

IF you keep your attention on the bad news continuously,  you would be (emotionally) feeling sorry for everyone, disliking life and at a state of no action for your own goals.

Think of the news organizations (tv, radio, newspapers, certain web sites) as a waiter in a restaurant. He’s presenting and offering you a plate of “negativity”.

Don’t take it!


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