Hello again.

The very important information in the world (in life) are actually the simplest. Ironic but true.
Especially the ones regarding spirituality and man’s abilities.

When you hear, read (or see) information, you can divide your information to 3 levels, because we have so much of it!

1- Very Important (green)

2- Good to know information (something that gives your hope, or gives you warnings) (orange)

3- Useless information. (red)


1- Man is a spirit and his capabilities are beyond his knowledge (top of the triangle, very important info)

2- The water you drink has chloride and other unhealthy chemicals in it, it is best to filter it.
OR The governments declared peace in the middle east,  no more war!
(Middle of triangle , good to know info + feeling good info )

3- Kim Kardashian loves her Revlon lipstick that is magenta colored (bottom of the triangle, not much use- unless you are selling make-up to celebrities ).

 Pay attention and categorize the information.

It can help you realize if you are wasting time and that way you control how much time you spend on things.

Also , if you decide some information in the bottom of the triangle, you don’t even need to remember it. Useless? Throw it out the window.


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