Make it positive.

Having a life is a cool thing, many of us might even wonder, how do I even have a life?

Either way, in order to make the best of life, you need to have a game plan in different areas of life (what do you want for yourself, for your family, for your community, your country, the world).

What will you do with your life? It matters, make decisions.

Not deciding is like letting yourself be in random situations that you don’t even want. Have you had situations where you wondered to yourself, how did I even get here? Well, that’s why….not deciding.

That was step # 1. After that, you need to follow through, by taking action.

It might not even be so easy. You can give up or make it happen.

And don’t be obliged to write down other people’s decisions (because they are close to you) as your goals. You want to be a painter but your parents want you to be an engineer. 

Write down, I want to be a painter THAT is , IF you want to live your own life.


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