If you have positive ideas about yourself, your community or the world in general but not many seem to understand you, don’t worry about it.

Question yourself only briefly (I bet you already questioned yourself many times and couldn’t let go of the thought).  Am I trying to do something positive? If the answer is still yes, just start.

If you don’t give up when you come across with barriers (in the form of people or situations), it is likely that you will be standing out from the crowd. Imagine the blue guy moving some steps and actually          facing his group.  There would be space between him and his group.

The experience can be an awkward one and not so positive at first , but it is actually a very positive thing to have.

It is that space that makes the experience a little awkward. Be aware of that and prepare yourself.

If we didn’t have the people who stood out (like the blue guy), I bet the world would be a much different place.

If you are the blue guy and staying in your spot and functioning like the white guy, you are actually being unethical. Because you know you can do better.  Because you know you can change things.                  Because you know you have some solution to some problem.

Do the just thing.


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