In the old times only the small percentage of the population was rich, privileged and noble,  the bigger percentage was the commoners , peasants.

In those days most of the population worked for the wealthy, and they couldn’t get anything else but a simple living out of the deal. These times are actually over but we keep the tradition alive. 

By telling our kids get a diploma and get a job (work for someone).

It is time to be confident and independent. We have way more than enough information to service the commoners (each other)….we all have needs from food to clothing to shelter to entertainment.

Find your interest, what area would like to produce in?  Get a skill, some fields require little skills , some require more. For example if you decide to have a carpet cleaning business, you will need less skill and knowledge than if you decide to go into the software designing field.

 There is one big misconception worldwide. It is better to be a software designer than to be a carpet cleaner. Not true actually.They both meet people’s need. Meeting the need and wants of people is the goal of businesses.

 I’ll make this the subject of another post.


Once you do the above, start producing. Produce in abundance, improve your product quality over time….sell your product directly until you can hire others to help you.

The point is, you don’t have to work for the big guy anymore…this and creativity together equal entrepreneurship.

You may think, well I don’t have the money or the skill to start my own business.  But in most cases, more than the skill and the money, you need confidence and desire to own your business.


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