In our societies (this happens worldwide), we have this trend of  trying to create “perfect body image” and getting attention that way.

 These trends are caused by some people who are focused on their looks  A LOT.

They want attention and it is not because their mamma and papa didn’t pay attention to them.It’s not that. It goes beyond that. There is a spiritual aspect of it. 

And it doesn’t matter how much attention you give to them, they’ll just take it in.  Like a black hole, hence the name VAIN. The word originally comes  from Anglo-French, empty, futile, from Latin vanus. (1)

People usually know  the word vain  from the other definition : having or showing an excessively high opinion of one’s appearance, abilities, or worth. (2)

When you think of these people, I want you to think with the first definition “empty”, “futile”. Because the second definition is just the symptom , while the first is the cause.

 You are wasting your time and limiting yourself when you pay attention to these people and trying to act like they do.

 These people usually aren’t interested in other people, communicating with others or producing anything really.  

They pull your attention from where you would naturally put it. They effect your productivity.

Young people, you need to notice these kind of people, at school , work or wherever….instead of becoming like them, invite them to become like you. Invite them to help others, be creative. See how they react.

You think the character in the picture cares about anything? She probably wouldn’t come to your help if your house was on fire (if she was your neighbor).  She has a limited life, limited interests. It only goes as far as her nose. We see these characters in the movies and think they are not real, but they are.

So don’t be like them.


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