Create a future for yourself, imagine it. Do not add considerations such as, is it even possible? Can I do it? Can I have it? But nobody has it! Just imagine for the sake of it!  You want the best car in the world? Why not….imagining yourself bungee jumping in an exotic place? Go ahead. You found the love of your life and created a family? Sure! You live in one of the most beautiful, comfortable, spacious houses in the city? Who says you can’t (even if they did).
How about a world full of happy and able individuals who are creating better things? Wow!

They call this day dreaming. When you day dream (it doesn’t have to take a long period of time, some minutes), you are still effecting the future.  Make it positive.   You don’t necessarily have to announce your dreams to others but own them, be responsible for them.

Then in your ordinary days, if you see opportunities that could lead you towards your dreams, follow them!



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