Have you had one of those days that you had a list of things to do, you weren’t quite sure if you would get all of them done, but did get them done , bam, bam…done, next, done next…

How did you feel at the end of the day? 

When we want things done and actually accomplish them, we feel happier. 

Imagine having your everyday like that. The only problem with that is, we get used to it, we know we can do them, so it doesn’t create the same effect anymore.

So I suggest adding more to the list, everyday, until you wonder if you can do them all.

Once you find your max level (max you can get done, create or accomplish), you will at least have days full of activities.  At this level, you won’t have the chance to underestimate your accomplishments, because you will be too busy!!  : )

Productive days to you.


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