If you read my earlier post “Use Whatever You Got” I mentioned using any skill you have and producing. 

If you like watching other people produce in a field (art, photography,furniture making, building, painting etc. AND you attempted to learn the skill, it is likely that you can be a professional about it as well.

You can start by increasing your knowledge about it, read, watch, see how the other people are doing it. Then really jump into it. There is no better way to learn it.

Expect that you may not be perfect at the beginning but you will be improving along the way.

If you produced and wanted to test to see how people find it, I suggest asking strangers (online or in person) rather than asking friends and family.

The reason is, we trust the people who are close to us. If you get a negative answer about your product, you might end up taking their words for it and loose your purpose. 

If you ask strangers, even if they didn’t like it, you definitely can conclude as “difference in opinion” easily.

Heck, better yet, keep producing and don’t even bother asking anybody!! Just produce and say, here’s what I do, if you need it, you can buy it from me!! Everywhere, online, on flyers you prepare, in newspapers…

Remember , even if you are not finding your product stunning, doesn’t mean someone else might not find it that way. People have different likes and needs. 

It is not a waste of time because at the least you are keeping yourself busy with something you like, right? And learning more everyday…so it’s good.


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