I remember the times when I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of having my own business.

It was a no way situation. Because my family and nation (pretty much worldwide concept) only prepared me to get a degree and work for an establishment. So wrong! 

I only followed the idea, because I didn’t see many examples of people starting their own businesses especially without a degree. Or the opposite idea being talked ( such as be creative, produce and  don’t be dependent on others, being independent is better). 

Until I saw people actually exchanging skills or producing in their own businesses

No one pulled me aside and gave me a lecture on the subject I am talking about today. I observed and put 1 and 1 together, I compared.  On one side action-production is welcome- on the other side, the action pre-requires years of empty studies and degrees, diplomas ( = approval) where LIFE (individuals) waits for the day it can be in  a field and doing what  it likes.

It was “wow” period for me.  I had thoughts like, wow, so I could have a business (even though I am not rich? OR I am not obsessed with money?),  I could be a piano player (even though I haven’t studied in a conservatory?), I could paint professionally (without going through art school? ), I could write books (even though I ain’t got a degree in English Language and Literature?). I COULD do all these?

How liberating! Once you realize that you DON’T HAVE to obtain degrees and diplomas to participate in life’s production areas, the experience is like being at a desert table going…hmm which desert do I choose?  : ) 

Which one do you choose? 









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