In my previous post, I explained how the system goes. Go to school, get a diploma-certificate- degree or whatever, then get a job at an establishment to make a living. 

Very old concept. Approval. One or two hundred years ago we did this in a different format.  Commoners who were many, worked for the privileged owners of farms, estates,  they worked for people with statuses ( royals, lords, sirs etc.). They depended on them for a basic living. Perhaps they were even blocked from obtaining their own farms, estates and statuses. One of the ways was, it didn’t matter how much work they did, because they were going to get only the basic living out of the deal.

This way of living drives people to cities. Because that’s where the jobs and schools are, right? Both of which we can’t create.

In actuality people could spread out instead of being crammed in the cities and towns. Unless you like the feel of cities and towns, you can manage to survive and thrive in the countryside.So city life should be ideally a matter of choice  and a want instead of a need.

Because the technology is advanced enough you can communicate with the world, and carriages are replaced by mailing systems. It is possible to create and expand your activity even if you lived in a small town.

The lands and houses are more affordable outside of the cities, anywhere in the world. Also, it’s a fact that lands are in better condition and purer in the country, waiting to be occupied.


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