When you are busy getting things done, it is almost like creating a whirlpool. There is momentum , you don’t want to stop.

You increase your momentum and dedication to something  with every related action you take, literally bit by bit. The bigger momentum you want, the less space you need to put in between your “bits”.

In the same way, if you have an activity and you space the consecutive actions, take longer and longer between your bits, that’s slowing down.

Of course you know this. I am just reminding you.

If you are an artist and creating 10 paintings a year, you are still an artist, but how about if you are creating 10 paintings a month?  That would be 120 paintings a year.
10 versus 120.


Less time in between the actions (bits) = more production= more dedication= increased happiness

PS: I am having that today : )


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