Money isn’t a bad thing. It only has a bad fame because some people got it by doing negative things. Such as directly stealing from someone or a place, selling drugs, selling a product that affects society negatively,  stealing indirectly by deception (as in the case of some politicians from our histories).

In an ideal world, money would be a symbol of how hard you worked, how much you produced, how much you communicated.

In the past, people exchanged products. You give me half a gallon milk, and I will give you a loaf of bread. Let’s say Person A is the one with milk. Person B is the one with loaf of bread. 

As far as I can see there were two reasons money was needed.

Let’s take another , Person C.  She doesn’t have a product but she’s been busy all day, taking care of Mrs. Highsky. Well, in order to symbolize her activities Mr. Highsky gave her a coin. So the coin is just a symbol of her activities. That means she wasn’t laying around doing nothing. 

Now Person C, if she needed milk, could give her coin to Person A and get the milk.  It’s pretty interesting if you look closely on the matter.

 Let’s introduce another character, person D, who did nothing all day.

Both person C and person D went to get some milk.

Person C has a coin (indicating she was active and producing), person D neither have any product for direct exchange (such as a bowl of fruit), nor a coin to show that he was doing something valuable to somebody.

So Person A will give the milk to Person C but not the Person D. That’s how it works out.

Person A will take the coin to symbolize that he was helpful to someone by giving milk. In return he can give it to somebody to get their product, then the next person will keep it to show their goodness.

You are following?

Now, the other reason we have money in varying amounts ($1, $5, $10 ) is to match up our goodness.

What if person A and B didn’t have products that were around the same level of usefulness? Person A has a half gallon of milk, person B has a table (for which he worked hard to create). Since he won’t break the table into quarters for milk and milk and table aren’t quite matching in value, having various amounts of money is useful. Here’s 2 coin for your half gallon milk.


 So money is an indicator that you helped somebody to some degree, that means you communicated (even if you just communicated with papers that needed filing by seeing/reading them). Money means you moved your body to some degree. Money means you had the purpose of help that day, that month, that year.

I also want to take your attention to the fact that , working is valued in religions, idleness is disapproved.

Communication is another value. There are a lot of religious or spiritual people who believe the personal communication is important. They don’t approve of sitting in front of tv and not communicating with people. They know instinctively that communication should occur. Between you and your friends, your family , your relatives, your neighborhood. Personally smart ones are the people who communicate with people they know or they don’t know. The people who are friendly and aren’t afraid to chat with a stranger.


Most people who go out to the malls and want to buy something (even if it is small ) is because they want to exchange. It is still communication. I’ll give you $2, you give me the knick knack. But at least I communicated with someone from my community. I interacted with you, the knick knack maker. The knick knack maker is already there to exchange all day long.

You see how that works?

I want to finish by saying that there is nothing wrong with money.

You can produce a lot, communicate a lot and exchange a lot and make lots of money. 

Separate yourself from the idle by being busy, have a positive product that you believe in. Then exchange it for money.

You can work for someone too, if you like their product, there is nothing wrong with it. The only thing limited about that is, they get to decide for the value of your product. If you think your activity should get you 10 coins instead of 3 per day, start exchanging directly for your own product.

Happy productions.


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