As I mentioned in my earlier posts, a day includes two things to do for all of us, humans.

Communicating with our fellows and physical activity.

If you think, we don’t really go beyond these two things.

You took out the garbage?  Physical activity.

You filed papers?  Physical activity.

You said something to your husband? Communication.

You called another office and ordered a product? A communication (plus the physical activity of handling the phone- minor activity).

Thinking. You are still communicating with forms, people and things, in your head.

Seeing is communicating with an object, a person, an animal, a thing.Hearing is communication with someone, an animal an object or a thing. Incoming communication. 

Of course things you are seeing or hearing can be plural. I am just giving the concept here.

So the better life you want to have, the more of these you need to do. Of course I am assuming you are giving yourself positive opportunities in both fields, by communicating with positive people,  and doing positive activities.


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