What is inspiration? It is seeing, hearing or reading things that people created, achieved, or experienced, and you want it for yourself.

You say, wow, this person went to this place and saw these, I want to go too!

You say, wow, he completely turned around, changing his “destiny” (meaning where he was heading) and created such a bright world for himself. I could improve my life too!

You say, wow, such an amazing creation (whether it is a building, a piece of art, a jewelery, a chair,     a garden ) so beautiful. I want to create something beautiful too!

Or you see someone who is able to do things, wow, how does he do it? It would be fun if I could do it. For example street skating or variety of sports.

All inspiration. 

When people say inspiration goes around, they mean this basically. So it does go around! Someone creates, you watch, admire and be inclined to create. We learn from each other. So what? Definitely better than sitting around and doing nothing!

Happy creations!


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