Writing is another activity you can do. If you were a full time writer, it would be too little of an activity in your life. Ideally you write and do other things. 

Whether others believe you are good and professional is absolutely beside the point. 

Doesn’t matter. 

Ignore the critiques. Remember to millions of readers, punctuations and grammar aren’t important. The point is, you communicate and they understand,  and ideally like what you are communicating.

Grant Cardone, my friend, says “everybody should be writing a book”.  I totally agree.

Put your thoughts, emotions and what you experienced in life, on paper (or in word document : ). It will be categorized as an autobiography.

 Don’t worry who will be interested. There are a lot of people out there reading a lot of books. Your story might be ordinary, but still interesting, especially to the people who live in different countries.

You could be the cause for cultural exchange, how about that.

Go interview a person you admire, for his achievements. It could be a local person or not. A biography.

If you are interested in creating situations and personalities, go ahead, make it into a novel.

Or write it in the form of a movie script (more detailed), if you like.

As long as you are interested in the activity, giving your best to it and producing a book, you are a WINNER, no matter what.

You took the time to create. Remember some creation is better than no creation.

At the very least, you can self-publish it ( some online companies, print and mail your book ONLY if there is a buyer. So you just refer people to your link). 

You can tell people about your book on free social media sites. 

You can put your link on every possible web site (legitimately), basically self-marketing.

You could do small budget advertising perhaps online or local newspapers.

You could still send your book to the publishers, if they like it, you are a winner again.

If your product is a movie script, find the related people in the movie industry and send. Who cares. They are the ones in desperate need for good product.

Just because you didn’t go to school for writing or never considered it for yourself, doesn’t mean your IMAGINATION is limited.

Your imagination is yours, make use of it. You have the right to imagine and create.


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