I was born in Istanbul, Turkey. I don’t come from a wealthy or educated family. 

 I come from the hillbillies of Istanbul, but that’s not why I disagree with education in general.

My parents did the best they could, sent me to school automatically. : )

We learn English at school (used to be 6th grade on), well many don’t. Somehow I did learn some at school ,  and I studied some more at home from books,tapes, learning devices etc. I had made the decision to learn languages when I was about 7.

So I do believe you can self-study and improve yourself in many areas.

To improve my English, I went to England as an au-pair. Met other au-pairs, European students who were trying to learn English as well. We mingled, became friends (I hung out with many people, the yokels : ) , the visitors, old, young, rock bandy, prim and proper )

I created and used every opportunity to travel and see other countries with my au-pair money : )

Scotland (beautiful), Finland (interesting, inspiring), France (lots of cool places to see).

I have 3 kids now and I want them to be …let’s say “worldly”. We will be living in a few countries, in the future years.

So they will be responsible individuals and aware of life on earth, instead of just their neighborhood.

 I do love art (I am a closet artist myself since I don’t have a studio and want to keep the kids off the art products etc.)

I LOVE people who are trying to not only improve themselves but want to improve the condition of their communities and more.

I love responsibility and becoming aware.

I love the idea of creating environments where people feel safe to create and be what they like without worrying (my idea). I want people not to hang on to “approval” concept,  and as far as I can observe, it only brings them down-under- society’s limit.

I love simple life, useful and simple information and promoting individuals who have useful products to societies. Who are good examples to people.


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