We are a bunch of people living on earth. We have qualities and desires that match with some, but  not with others.

Although many of us care about the world in general ( when I say “the world” , I mean the people on it), we seem to remember this mainly WHEN we get to think about it.

And the WHEN’s are usually the times of disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes etc.)

That’s WHEN the caring comes out.

Now, I will tell you something, hopefully it will make you think.

If you care about others, you don’t have to wait for disasters to strike.

You CAN do some service to people whom you don’t have familial ties with or don’t owe anything.

When you do that, especially if you do it in a bigger scale, you get to be more powerful, somehow.

Spiritually speaking.

Probably the reason for that is because you are connecting with people.
So I suggest, especially if you are a youngin’ or an adult who has some attention leftover after your own things, do something(s)  for others.

Consider your neighborhood, your town, your city, your country, other countries and continents, yeah? Don’t just worry about yourself and your family.

If you think there is nothing you can do, at least you can CARE (free activity : ) .

Think about the person who lives on the island of agumagu (invented name).

Minimum result: you will get out of your head and have a
BIGGER FOCUS  in life.


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