Working together.

It is like a secret resource in our lives.

When we get together with friends, we eat and dream about the things we want to have, or things we want to do.

Most people aren’t even aware they can co-produce things.

That is why I want you to consider your friends, people you know, or people you don’t know ( but could get to know).

Think if they could help your creations in any way that you could use.  It may be a skill , time or space..

Maybe you have a friend who is great at drawing and you are interested in pottery.

Well, if you made the pottery, maybe she could paint it. In that way, the finished product can be better, more appealing, streamlined and easier to sell.

Do you see that?

Let me give more examples.

Maybe you and some of your friends are interested in making jokes. Well, why don’t you get together and write a sit-com! I’ve seen this on special features of Everybody Loves Raymond (loved the show), where a team of people get together and write the episodes. They have food, so it’s a fun environment BUT they get paid for it at the end because they are creating a product, you see.

Maybe you draw great clothing on paper and you have a friend who is great at sewing.

Maybe you and your buddies love the same kind of sport. How about creating a team? Becoming instructors and having students. If you love it, watch it so much, chances are, you know it. ; )

Maybe you are great at knitting, but don’t know how to market it. How about a friend who loves social media. Collaborate.

Maybe you have a passion about growing organic vegetables and selling and your friend is the one with the land and he is not even using it. Ask if you can use it (respecting his rules). Then share your profit at the end..

In the example I gave you above (Everybody Loves Raymond),  the team of writers are motivated to do the job because they will get paid, they have deadlines. Other than that they only use a table , chairs, a room to sit in , some food/drinks (optional). They are mainly using their imaginations, experiences.

So you can give yourself deadlines,  PRETEND that there is a lot of money at stake (because there actually IS, you just haven’t imagined it yet).

How about people who want to be actors. Create your own shows. Waiting for Hollywood to choose you is like the very little employers (in number), and big unemployment situations. I explained in my earlier post USE WHAT YOU GOT.

If you got other people interested in acting, get together, write, perform. Share tasks, one handles the low budget second hand costumes, the other creates, prints and sells the tickets in the neighborhood, the another arranges the venue. You don’t have to have your play at a 1000 capacity space at the beginning. How about setting up show in someone’s home?!  Think of it like the tupperware party. Except there is no tupperware but a play!!

Pretty soon the neighborhood will know your activity, then the town, then you can rent your bigger spaces….it is like you are at the bottom of a whirlpool, you can always go up by increasing your activity.

I’ll tell you how to create a low cost stage which my husband put together for our kids.

Get out of the box. No more I can’t, they didn’t hire me, I don’t have the money etc. etc.

Use getting together with friends as times of creation, instead of speculating about future and worse , gossiping (if you are doing that).

Before I go, make sure that whoever you are collaborating with  understands and agrees with his/her role in your plans, understands clearly how you will be sharing the income resulting from the creation. And make sure you are working with reliable individuals

Happy creations!


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