Even if in a small scale, share your story, beyond your family and friends. Create a web site, a blog, write a book, join twitter and any similar channels where you don’t have to necessarily have to share your story with your usual circle. I’ve experienced this myself. I had opinions, very strong. Noticed that I don’t have to sell my opinion to my usual buyers who were not always interested. The world is a big arena. So if you have strong opinions, they are meant for bigger circles.

People are interested.

To prove this, I have started this blog less than 2 months ago….views went up when I posted “About Me”…I don’t think I had over 30 views in one day before that, that day I got 153 views. See.

That is why I am attaching this interview of Grant Cardone talking to Hank Norman, so you have a better idea.

Hank Norman is the co-owner of  2Market Media.

Here is his company’s motto;

2 Market Media takes you and your ideas to market. What’s your opinion of how the World Works? Cool. Let’s sell it.

I totally agree with what they are saying…people are hesitant to share their views in the way they want to, afraid of rejection….Hank Norman is saying that, you need to move out of your “usual circle”…very to the point. Apply these points as an individual, you don’t have to have a business.

So the points to learn

1- Use social media and connect with people (you don’t have to have long chats).

2- Get out of your circle (extend it, or adapt a new circle on the side).

Here is the interview  Grant Cardone interviewing Hank Norman


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