take lessons

Any subject you are really interested but definitely need some information/skill to get started, check out Take Lessons.com

Awesome system.

You learn from skilled, professional individuals. Beats the system. System of going to school for it (whatever it is) for years.

I took 4 violin lessons, my husband took 4 guitar lessons. We need to take more of course. But again, only 2 hrs (each lesson is half hour) and I learned some music.

The point is, lessons are short, designed to give you the gist of the subject, you can space your lessons so you have plenty of time to practice what you learned, so you can understand the next thing.You have control.

I took my lessons from a young lady who was very nice. SHE had a masters degree in music. The point is, she had been playing with the instruments (violin/piano) for a long time. And she extracted some of her knowledge and transferred it to me : ) My lessons were $40 for half hour. Worth it! They actually worth more if you ask me. But I was happy to afford it at the time.

Anyway, there are PLENTY of subjects you can learn , be better at, by taking lessons. It is kind of independent studying, no strings attached.

Some of their lessons are; Performing Arts (film acting, voice acting, improv, screenwriting, choir, Beauty and Fashion classes ( hair cutting, coloring, make up, fashion design) , Languages, variety of Software , hobbies and crafts (floral arrangement, woodworking, needlework, stained glass), Academic Lessons (if you have the interest), Visual Arts, Sports and Fitness. Almost anything and everything!

Happy learnings!


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