We, as people, get under the systems so automatically that creativity loses its place.

Systems can be traditions, the school systems, the way we go through life, the way we produce things, the way we handle things….

Let’s take traditions, we are all born into societies with traditions. Instead of judging a tradition and deciding if it is something we want to keep or throw it out the window, many of us just follow. This is my observation. In fact I don’t remember meeting a person who chose not to follow certain customs because it didn’t make sense. Of course there are some people who judge and decide for themselves. But I am not so sure if they are the majority of the people in the world.

Example: bachelor/bachelorette parties involving sex, striptease or sexual gifts….what’s the point?

If a person wants to have sex before getting married, there is a chance that they don’t understand and accept the concept of marriage.  Normally, the subject of sex stays between a husband and wife (a tradition worth keeping). It’s ironic to give sexual gifts to the person who is getting married during bachelor/bachelorette party,  because in most cases the couple is already living together. Or they are not virgins. Even if they were virgins, what’s the point of teasing or joking?

 Example of a good tradition: People assigning a day to share their thanks, Thanksgiving Day.   However, even the good traditions that you would like to keep CAN be modified.

“Well, Thanksgiving, has a good purpose….we’ll get together and eat and talk….hmmm.. what could I add to it, to make it better and more worthwhile for us?”

School systems….what do I want my kids to learn? What’s important….What kind of school should there be? How can I create that kind of school?  What kinds of schools out there? Usually parents think “Schooling?”,  ” Yes, you have to go to school” (tradition). Because they themselves were told that.

1- A person has to go to school , so do my kids.

2- I’ll send my kids to the school in the neighborhood (or better school if I can afford) is pretty much the whole thought processes.

But you see, when only the above 2 steps happen, there is not much input or creation on the subject of schooling. You leave it to the created systems for the most part.

The way we go through life, that’s another system….  our beliefs are , “I can’t do what I like to do, no one wants it and I need special permits to produce” etc.).  It is like being in the passenger seat, instead of the driver, for your life. These are not self-created beliefs though…social systems somehow give the message of  “no, you can’t create, you shouldn’t be independent, no you can’t have it, no you can’t think otherwise” to individuals.

So unless you are aware and able to see the patterns in life, your sufferings and limiting beliefs upon yourself are real, and they are the consequences of following the systems.

 The way we produce things…look at the homes we build, most are square, rectangle….even the most modern architecture/home design magazines have the same thing, except bigger windows…we live in boxes literally..most of the houses in the world have small windows. It’s like when you can afford, you give yourself the freedom to have a better view by having  bigger windows. Actually it’s not.I don’t think having bigger windows increases the cost of the building. I think it has more to do with expressing that you would like to have bigger windows to the designer of the house. Most people buy houses that are already designed.

Why can’t people just borrow the money from the banks and design the homes themselves?

Have you seen some of the houses people themselves created? Beautiful, creative, unique spaces to live in.

The first time I’ve seen a circular house design concept was when I watched the “Future by Design”.  This very creative guy with the name of Jacque Fresco (Venus Project)…very interesting. Now I know there are some houses that are circular or have unique designs out in the world, but they are definitely not majority.

Solar is a solution that is not being used much…lots of houses are being designed without solar panels, even the expensive houses. Why?

How about the system of food. I am sure you heard about the “ingredients” factories use to make “food”. I’ve heard this in a documentary (how things are made) that they put “resin” in candies, they use ” Propylene glycol” to make fake blueberries. Fake blueberries are used in muffins, cereals etc. Now Propylene glycol is also used to make antifreeze. Antifreeze is used in engines, heating and cooling systems etc. 

The more you give responsibility to other sources, the more you will be dependent to their decisions.

How about people who study journalism and are journalists? How are they producing? Are they asking themselves a crucial question….”well, by finding and bringing constant negative and not-so-positive news, how am I impacting life? ”  Is my “valuable” product really valuable? Am I making life better or worse? Why do I want to be a journalist? Is the current system allows me to be the journalist I want to be?

So we ideally consider methods, systems, ways of doing , ways of handling things before we adapt and use them.

You are the judge of your own life. Be creative and cause the environment you want to be in.


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