handmade-rose-paper-rashmi-rao                                             Rashmi Rao, handmade paper/


 I  am sure, not many of you thought of making paper.

You could make it into a business, if you wanted. Low cost start-up.

Here is a link of the web site. There are videos you can watch.

Here  is another tutorial link (non-video).

When you make paper, you have the chance to recycle paper , a good thing.

Or you can use barks/leaves/grasses you gather from outside to make your paper.

Also, you get to be artistic and creative by adding flowers, grass, leaves, color, sparkle and other elements.

Here is a book , 300 Papermaking Recipes.

Local Community Colleges sometimes offer Papermaking courses. Check yours.

Handmade paper is used or drawing (on) , painting, printmaking, calligraphy, scrapbooking, mixed media, card making etc.

Remember, if you like the subject, you can start, you acquire  skill and knowledge.  After that, if you still like or love making papers,  you can decide if you want to do it full time and be big in the field or not.

I can tell you though, the world needs your pretty papers. Get to production.








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