Art by Linda Woods

Art by Linda Woods




Art by Linda Woods


Art by Linda Woods



I will talk about Art making later but I want to talk about Linda Woods who inspires me.

When you look her art Linda Woods, you see that she’s busy producing, A LOT! 

Her art is simple-beautiful. As far as I can observe, she doesn’t stop herself.l

If you want success, that’s the attitude you need to have.

I bet most of you people who are reading this CAN produce art like this. If you are interested in art-making and not doing it, I’ll tell you something.

The difference between you and Linda Woods is that she is making it. She is busy with it.

That is why her art travels to various parts of the world. On her website, she says, “In the last couple months, about 30,000 items featuring my art have been sold to people all over the world. Prints, canvases, signs, cd covers, magazine covers, home decor items. All things with my licensed artwork.”

Well, she is making the world a better place and earning some money.

You can too.


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