Now, if you have things you need to do but haven’t gotten to , whether it is a phone call to someone or someplace, doing something around the house, some task at work that you could get by without doing BUT you wanted to do OR a project you want to tackle. 

You need to conclude those.

Because if you are in the maybe about these things, they will be consuming your attention, without you knowing it.

Most likely you experienced  the times when you said  “I need to do something and something” , and this was after a week of having the idea , it can even be longer than that.

When this happens, you probably noticed, it doesn’t feel good…you are walking around with a problem basically.

  Your attention will be on that task until you either get it done or decide that “I changed my mind about it, isn’t necessary to do”. Either way will conclude.

This doesn’t mean, give up. By all means, do it if you can. But if you have a negative value to it        (I won’t do it) , that would be better than being uncertain about it, should I do it? Should I not do it?

Like in the song, should I stay or should I go ; )

So do it,  in that way, more of your attention can be in present time which would be a good thing.


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