happy people

Hey, I wanted you to watch this short documentary, it is 13 minutes.

Just so you have some connection to people, ordinary people, in the street of (in this case) Paris.

I am pretty sure, these kind of interviews (I find quite creative by the way) aren’t on tv channels, usually.

It is fun and gets you out of your usual settings.

50 people 1 question Paris

Question is what makes you happy.

I would like to distinguish answers in two categories. Long term, short term.

Sunshine, a cup of coffee, seeing a bird, having a gift, giving a gift, sex, food….these are short term happiness’. They don’t last long.

However, your job, things that you create and do  (such as training for the Olympics)  are long term happiness’. There were only a few people in the interview mentioned creative things.

Pay more attention to the long term actions , especially the creative ones. They are the ones that bring you more pleasure. 

Try to work at a job that you love, ideally. Then you can do what you love (hobby), many hours.


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