I saw this speech from Jim Corr (from the band The Corrs), on You Tube.

He is Irish. 

I don’t know all of his thoughts BUT he was voicing his opinions and I could agree with some of them.

Now, if you do a research (I didn’t), I am pretty sure you will find people who attack his opinions, making fun of him, calling him weird etc.

In this life, when you voice your opinion, especially if it is not the mainstream idea, it is likely that you will have barriers. Barriers in the form of attacks (verbally), mockings. 

Then you have two choices. Either you can give up or be aware of the barriers (ahead of time) and decide to ignore them. Be focused on your own view.

If you are the kind of person who needs approval a lot ( my guess is ,if you are following this blog, you probably don’t need much approval) , then in the above situation, you are likely to give up.

We all need agreement and want to live in harmony. But sometimes it is not possible.

So if you have things that are important to you, go ahead and do them, don’t care whether you get approval or not. Of course I am talking about positive things. If you have opinions that are important,  go ahead and voice them.

Otherwise life would miss the uniqueness of you, situations can fall to bad levels because you didn’t say or do. And maybe you have your own solutions to common problems, and maybe they would produce better results than most solutions.

So contrary to mockings, I find Jim Corr a very sensible person. 

He is sensible enough to care about his country, sensible enough to get out of the celebrity bubble, sensible enough to make a short video, sensible enough to guide the people of his country, sensible enough to suggest peaceful solutions

With these qualities, if anything, he is smarter than most people.

So have the above qualities – in your own way.



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