When you are learning through some sort of a program, a course,  a book etc.  I strongly recommend choosing the simplest version.

Many people try to learn a subject (or many subjects), at some point in their lives. Often times people fail because of the complexity of the literature about the subject. Complexity can also be during lectures of course.

But the best way to learn something is when you can understand its language. So the simpler the language is, the more (and easier) you can understand it.

Well it is crazy but in this century , complexity is made like a privilege. Ironic.

Educational people and publications, when they don’t simplify the subjects, they are not being helpful to students. Whether they ever think of this or not. Sounding scholarly is more important.

It seems simplifying  is only considered for kindergarten kids.

Beyond that level, the educator can use languages that students may or may not understand. 

Then, when the students complete their studies with a diploma, they feel privileged and smarter than the average . Maybe they are, because they overcame the challenges and got their diplomas, despite all that!

Well, at this point, the intention of learning turns into the overcoming of barriers.

If you ask, many would say, when I signed up for this course or program, my intention wasn’t to hop over barriers (in the form of language). I wanted to learn the subject. Quickly and simply.

 Anyway, that’s why, you as a learner, choose the simplest form of study, if you want to do yourself a favor.


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