This picture, to signify the positive changes you can bring about, whether you are male or female.

So what , year ends on the 31st of December, every year….it’s just another day, is it not?

If people said we would like to have an excuse on this day, to get together, have parties , and have fun, it’s totally fine.

Aside from the fact that we change the last digit on the current year, there is not much significant change actually. We are still moving on.

However, us injecting new decisions into our future at the end of the year is something significant. But luckily you can do that any day.

Life is what you make out of it, EVERYDAY. That’s another cliche’ : ) BUT happens to be true.

So you have the time (assuming you are healthy)…..years ahead of you.

Time itself moves only as a concept, it doesn’t exist like a physical thing. We can’t hold the time. We record time according to the movements of the sun and earth. We know this from geography, right? Days, months, seasons…we just keep track of the periods in our heads.

If a day is more spectacular than another day, it is because of YOU, not because of the moon, the sun or the movements of the earth.

You can CHANGE and bring about new, positive things in the world.

Physical changes, conceptual changes, emotional changes.

You turned a piece of mud into a decoration item (change). You understood an idea, a concept that is helping you in life (change). You feel better because of this and that (change)…

The happiness you get out of positive changes, especially the ones created by you, is what makes your day spectacular.

So finally, these changes don’t usually happen to you by accident. You need to make some movements…

Grab some mud, move it into something else (work). Look into things, read or hear a concept, then process it in your mind (it is still work). Talk to someone to solve problems, give understanding, get understanding, change some setting , so you can change your emotion (work).

You see?

To the degree that you don’t take action for yourself, in life, to that degree you are subject to life, as it is created by others.


Much,MUCH, much love to you.


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