Hello everybody,

I came across with these interviews on You Tube (You Tube is such a vast, creative arena. Recently I have been watching a lot of videos to get inspired and to learn ).

So I didn’t know anything about The Hollywood Reporter Interviews. They have been interviewing Actors, Actresses, Comedians, Writers, Movie Composers….

I think seeing these people who are famous and successful, sharing their lives (personal and career-wise) would be awesome experience for us, “the commoners”. : ) That’s what I predict. Per the You Tube record, some thousands of people watched them. So people at large aren’t aware of these interviews.

We tend to be in mystery when it comes to success and successful people. “Wow, how did she/he do it?”

So I assume watching these interviews will be inspiring.

The amazing thing I heard uniformly among all these actors/actresses ( I watched several interviews, so 20-30 famous people) is that ;

1-They have their insecurities, such as, am I gonna be able to have another job?

2- They have been through many rejections (I say, God bless them for not giving up and continuing), and of course they all had points in their “pre-famous” lives, where they doubted their abilities, their chance of succeeding in this business.

3-They all feel they are fortunate to have the chance to be in this business, it is fun, pays off….

4- They all wonder if they’ll be able to deliver what is required of them…so they get nervous even when they commit and start the projects.

So what I want you to learn from them is, FEAR-INSECURITIES-WORRIES do happen even to the best of us. Don’t let them stop you. These people experience these negative emotions and aren’t stopped by them…it’s almost like “they walk through these emotions.

A friend, Grant Cardone said something along this line , fears, insecurities are real, you just don’t let them stop you….he said, go do the things that make you feel uncomfortable , that’s the zone you should be in, and that’s where the magic happens.


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