I wanted to share a part of my life (past). To draw conclusion out of it to motivate you.

Math was the subject I was good at, then not so good at, in secondary and high school. Because I joined a group of girls in my class. We were interested in telling jokes and thinking about boys, pretty classic situation with teens.

For that reason, I ended up not studying at a university.

That’s why I ended up going to England to learn the English language (so I can sing in a rock band in Turkey).

I felt bad for not knowing the high school math and not going to college. As it is a stamp I needed to have on record.

As you know, that is how people assert their worth in societies, by acquiring a diploma of some sort : )

For several years, I did try to learn math from books on my own…didn’t work out. I actually took courses to prepare me for science related questions (for university exams).I didn’t learn math there either. The teacher was assuming that we already knew the subject , so information was brief. It was mostly geared towards practicing.

So later on, when I immigrated to the US, it was awesome that I could just attend a community college.

Of course I did. I was interested in biology for the most part, later math and physics.

I worked and took some classes. Started Elementary Algebra Part I., Later on took Part 2. I finished both classes with A. I think all my test scores were A (except once it was B).

Then I took the Intermediate Algebra Part I and another semester Part 2.

Again all my test scores were A. In fact, when we first started the class

(Int Algebra part2) , the teacher announced to the class that if our average from the test scores were A, then we don’t need to take the final .I didn’t pay attention to that. I had to get A’s though : )

So I was the one person who left the classroom on the day of the final, upon the teacher’s prompt. He said “what are you doing here?”, “You don’t need to take the final.”

Gist of all this, if you fail at something, that’s not the end of it necessarily. Unless you decide that it is the end. You can try again and again. Giving up is not a virtue, but persisting is.

If you are studying something , make sure you understand what the words are in your texts (for more info visit

It’s really ironic that what I couldn’t understand in my own language (Turkish) and failed, I excelled (for that level) in another language. Understanding words is one thing, but giving attention is another (something that I lacked in secondary school). So pay attention.

Finally, don’t get diploma to assert your worth in the society. This is a trend that hinders societies, instead of furthering it….it gets people not produce , even if they have the capacity to actually produce or learn the subject from the people who know the craft (whatever craft that is). Try to get to the point with education, enough to get your started on a line of production. BE brilliant as you already are!


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