In this “modern” life , SOMEHOW, the incoming useful information to a person’s life is little, personal skills in basic living are reduced to a minimum level compared to yesteryear.

“Knowledge” that doesn’t produce positive results has no value.

Young people finish colleges, but they don’t have the confidence to question what they are asked of at work, or propose alternatives.

Hence we have some industries which are continuing to produce not so positive results. Such as the chemical industry (with their toxic inventions), food industry , health industry (still operating with “let’s use drugs for everything ” attitude), and governments, leading their nations to wars by creating and following false information about other countries.

Life’s rules have changed and that’s alright, as long as we can keep the new rules survival.

There are a lot of employees and little employers. This is a worldwide thing.

Males aren’t going out to hunt animals anymore (personally I find this desirable), number of farmers planting and growing real food isn’t there either.

People lack basic skills (such as how to plant, how to cook, how to organize, how to build basic things, even how to observe!) . Many things are on automatic for many people and people are really going through set up motions.

What’s even more interesting is it is supposed to be cool : ) You’ve heard young ladies bragging about not knowing to cook, right?

Paris Hilton kinds making shows like, well, I don’t know how to do the basic things, laundry? What’s that?

You know this kind of, everything is being done for me attitude, I am so privileged.

And probably a lot of young people look up to these characters.

A person in that state isn’t as much as privileged as…. how would I say this…. robbed off of basic information about this life on earth. And obviously they aren’t smart enough to create opportunities for themselves to experience and learn.

You give the responsibility to somebody else, you are to that degree dependent on that person’s information, skill, kindness, ethics….not to mention you are experiencing life pretty much second hand, you see what I am saying?

Did you ask someone to do something for you, then got a totally different result than what you were expecting? Not in a good way. That’s a side effect of being dependent.

That’s on a personal level.

How about, on a national level? Let’s take the subject of toilet papers….at some point people invented this thing, and pretty useful I might add… now we have the leader in the industry…Kimberly and Clark…they are producing much needed products, with a negative twist….chemicals being dumped to the water systems etc. So they do. Let’s question ourselves, what are we doing on this? Not much. Are we allowed to? Of course we are.

If we are a chemical engineer, we could do independent research perhaps and find better alternatives. If we are someone with some money, maybe we could start a company (perhaps with recycled paper or something). I only saw two brands with recycled toilet papers.

Or we could go and speak to Kimberly and Clark, a bunch, sane of us…with no yells, screams and protests, (we don’t need to chain ourselves to places either), but we could take our concerns, our own proposals and good communication with us.

We are individuals, groups , nations and the mankind, all are organisms in a growing scale. Don’t forget that.

You can have this sense and take on a positive role.

And finally don’t depend on others heavily. I mean reduce it as much as possible.


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