When I first saw Kristie Wolfe’s video, my attention did go onto her physical features and wondered if she would impress me with what she did or what she knew…Well, as I watched her video about how she built her tiny house in Hawaii  further, I did find her pretty impressive.

I don’t know about her boobs : ) but she is pretty aesthetic in her creations. All the way from her bark covered shower to interesting windows and more. Very clever girl

Also on her web site, she talks about her education which, if you have been following my blog, I found quite agreeable.

She says

“No, I didn’t drop out of college, I dropped out of high school (gasp!) If I could do it over, I would have quit a year earlier (now just breathe). As always, when I reveal this information, I follow up with a disclaimer that I wasn’t doing drugs and I wasn’t pregnant.”

And she further says

” Pretty much everyone can agree that college does not equate to learning. We’re taught to believe that it’s just something you have to do to get a job. I’ve never had to lie about my lack of formal education. Most interviewers, supervisors, and suitors, just assume I have a degree, and when the topic eventually comes up, they think I’m kidding. I then get to explain that instead of paying someone to teach me, I took jobs, started businesses and got paid to learn the things I wanted to know instead”


Let me finish by saying that, some people might twist this idea and take it as “education is no good”.

That’s not what she is saying. That is not what I am saying.

Learning the needed information , in simple forms is waaay better than learning unnecessary things in a complicated manner. The latter has been taken as the “real deal” by the societies, unfortunately.

And the best way to learn a skill is by doing it.  As it is done in vocational schools. But a person , like Kristie did, can create an apprenticeship for herself/himself to learn a skill.

Young people, I hope this makes sense to you.

Here is the video.


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