If you like the idea of volunteering, keep in mind the important.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

What I mean is, when you volunteer, try to find opportunities that will enable you use your skills.

If you have any skill whether it is beginning, intermediate or professional level, you can pass it on to other people.  


There must be something(s) you are good at, right? And if there is, and you happen to be at the beginning level yourself, believe me, people need beginning information. That’s where they get their feet wet, so to speak. If the beginning level wasn’t important, it wouldn’t be used in teachings…

Probably this is the step where they get enthusiastic about a subject.

Let’s say you know some about art (a bit cliche’ example but makes the point)….we are not talking about how to view art, it’s garbage…we are talking about tools used in art and techniques used in art. People can create their arts according to their own wishes.

If you gave a half hr to 40 minute lesson(s)  to the young  or adults in your community, where you taught   about the tools used in art and some of the techniques you know of, wouldn’t that be a good thing?

But this can apply to any skill, cooking, homesteading, music, building, computer related stuff, how to act, how to speak another language, you name it….

These type of activities would honor the spirit in people…it would give the signal that they CAN, they ARE ABLE…and truly they could use the skills,  if they wanted to.

If finding volunteer opportunities that involve teaching a skill aren’t easily available, then your challenge is to create opportunities! For yourself and for others.

Good luck.


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