sabirul islam

This young man with the name of Sabirul Islam is an example to youth (and adults).

Here is some information about him (from wikipedia)

sabirul islam2

Sabirul Islam is an English entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. He has written three self-help books. His Teen-Trepreneur board game sold to over 550 schools in the United Kingdom and in 14 countries worldwide. Since 2011, he has spoken at over 700 events worldwide as part of his Inspire1Million campaign.

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The below info from :

Sabirul launched his signature programme “Inspire One Million” in 2011 and embarked on a mission to sow the seeds of hope and success among youth. He has already visited 25 countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Botswana, South Africa and Nigeria, and talked to 825,000 potential future entrepreneurs.

His September 23rd to 29th visit to Bangladesh made a huge impact, inspiring thousands through his speeches on why the younger generation should shun traditional career paths and strive to become successful as entrepreneurs.

“Our parents [simply] want us to earn a university degree and get a good job. To them, that’s the yardstick of success. They cannot even remotely think that their children should do something on their own,” Sabirul said in several speeches.

He said every individual is born with enormous potential, adding everybody should try to discover his or her own strengths and use them to achieve success.

Audiences everywhere have been mesmerized by his core message of hope and success in countries where despair and hopelessness is pervasive among the younger generation because of a lack of adequate opportunities.


Q: What’s Sabirul’s message?

A: You create the opportunity .


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