This is something you can do if you naturally like travelling.

There are various ways of travel. Ship travelling, plane travelling, train travelling, bike travelling! and why not walk travelling! Oh wait, some people run travel.  Seriously. They take breaks , of course.

Think outside of the box for a second. : )

There are some “tips” for aspiring Travel Journalists online. If I were you, I wouldn’t take them too seriously.

It is all about your own creation. I’ll give you the outline of it, you can fill in the gaps.

If you can do it just for the FUN,  you can make money off of it. Basically the process is you do it for YOURSELF.

So I am not talking about the attitudes “oh I must sell my pictures to Conde Naste or Travel Magazines etc. I’d better align my experience according to their needs!”

Although you could do that if you like.

Haiti 2013 1966 copy

If you love the whole subject, just keep the experience to yourself at first, meaning just experience don’t worry about others. Open your eyes and senses (it’s almost impossible not to open one’s eyes and senses when one is another country, beauty of this job).

Once you observe, interact and experience, I am sure you will have plenty of information to share.

Then you can write your blog, publish your own book and promote it. You can share your thoughts and especially your emotions. It gives people more understanding about you and your experience.

If you kept your camera near, a notebook/pen perhaps and if you also have a laptop in your hotel room or wherever you are staying, you are set. You can save all the pictures in your laptop  and write your article pieces in the evenings, that would be your job.

You can compile and share your content at certain intervals or reveal the whole creation at the end.   It is up to you.

One thing for sure, we, as people, are more interested in a person’s genuine experience.


Summarization of the idea:


2-Taking notes of your emotions as you are travelling and  notes about the places (if needed)  might  help.

3-Be organized and give it your best, in terms of article/chapter writing/ blog preparation             ( don’t worry too much about the “authorities” on the subject of travel journalism).

019 copy

How do you find the money for this?  Figure out. Work and save perhaps?  Remember, when you do that, you are buying yourself some time off basically. I did that when I was younger. In fact, each time I needed something that I couldn’t afford, that was my method. So it works.

Copy of IMG_0381

I would like to thank for the free pictures. Not only pictures are beautiful but also I didn’t have to spend time searching , they were all in one place.

IMG_2164 copy
IMG_1258 copy

I will finish by sharing the talk of Nancy Sathre-Vogel who traveled with her family all the way from Alaska to Argentina on their bikes! ( Amazing.


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