Hey guys, you need to be successful, here is a video you can watch.

 Grant Cardone, very inspiring guy. He is talking about wanting success in a delusional way.

 I think what he means is, even at the beginning if you are doubtful about being and feeling successful, even if there are doubts from other people regarding your success, you still do the actions, pound through, want success like crazy AND get there!  Of course your product should be positive.

When you become successful, it is natural to be self-confident, but you don’t become successful immediately and your self-confidence isn’t there immediately either. It’s a process. What kind of process? Action kind of process. Production kind of process. Entrepreneurship kind of process, where you ask yourself,  what product can I sell that people can use.  How can I  provide a service and create an income for myself AND grow my service area.

Here is the show, watch it.


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