So I have blogs on this site Blogger, WordPress and Weebly.

I just paid Weebly  $30 to have the blog name without the “” part.

Apparently I need to pay another $40. Dang, I wasn’t expecting that! So pay $30 it is still the same thing.

But when I compare Blogger, WordPress and Weebly, I’ll define Blooger as more traffic getting, WordPress very annoying (I have it free so I don’t even have the option of changing the font!) and Weebly, even though I paid a bit and still have the same thing (oh they showed me the stats but not the totals, just daily, so it’s not that useful) but it has the best picture quality and it is easy to change font size.

A little whizzy but if you need to open a blog or anything, these are your options.


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