A few years ago, I had a conversation with a person. He was new in the area and I was giving him a tour. I pointed out to a  recently built building and made a positive remark, something like “look how they made these, aren’t they beautiful , very creative” etc.

He said something like “yeah smart architects”…

I said “how about the workers that actually built the structure? Are they not worthy of mention?”

Creative ideas of course are good but an architect or an engineer or head of something actually don’t own the crew he works with. His part of the job (designing) is not necessarily any better than the other part (manual work). It is just a job on both sides.

Disabuse yourself of the incorrect information telling or indicating that you are more worthy if you have lots of money, status, diplomas and a desk job. No, no, no.

Your inner worth is something beyond your immediate knowledge perhaps and it happens to be sacred and really nobody’s business. You shouldn’t be establishing your worth from the reactions of others around you.

However, since we are living on this planet jointly, you have either a positive worth or negative worth within the society. All of us do. Positive meaning helping yourself and others to survive. Negative meaning helping yourself and others to fail. And there are some people that positioned on zero, with actions teetering between positive and negative. Here is my post relating to this subject Average Life. Of course the positive and the negative have varying degrees…

Having set these two directions, we come to the most important question   “can you get a job done?”.

You see that? Positive, negative and can you get the job done.

So it doesn’t much matter that you designed the building, it doesn’t matter that you laid the bricks, installed the pipes, or the electric wires, poured concrete, installed the windows, painted etc. all these are jobs, actions. Each of these need to be carried to completion in order to have a building that serves the community and businesses.

If you did your part of the job to an excellence , and the other person didn’t, you should be able to say to yourself with confidence that “I am better than that guy/girl because I can do a good job and complete it”. Don’t omit that, say that.

That’s all.

And I want to add that, if you are doing a brick laying job, this does not mean that you can’t use your mind and have creative ideas. Not at all.

You can have a desk job and do manual work/creation  when you can (and some people do that which is pretty cool), or have a manual job but still have the capacity and dare to think (and I admire these people too). Who says if you bring about a creation with your body, you won’t be able to use your mind. Ridiculous.


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