Now as you know, I talk about producing, producing, producing and starting a business to move those products out of your hands, out of the boxes you collect them in, into people’s homes.

This, of course requires SELLING. 

You can assign your time partly to production, partly to promoting and selling.

Once your business picks up, you can get help. Either hire a person part-time, could be even a relative, friend etc.  Or you could simply be business partners with someone you absolutely trust. 

You can have an agreement on task division and money splitting.

So you’ve got to be able to sell, otherwise you will accumulate the products and give them away for free and eventually throw in the towel!

Therefore, you or assigned person needs to be good at selling.

Grant Cardone is the one guy I know who has products to improve ability to sell.

There might be other motivational salespeople out there….make sure to get inspired and educamated  on the subject of SELLING.

But this “Cat” Grant, wants you to market your product, and SELL!

Get going!



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