For the activity of selling to occur, somebody needs to produce. As we all know, “made in the US” products are almost non-existent!

No offense to my China brothers and sisters but we need to quit mopping around and crank out some products, guys.

Quit seeking approval thinking that starting a business is for the rich.

When I was young, I disliked the idea of having my own business….For some reason I had associated business running with being a crook. 

Well, now there are some crooks that run businesses BUT it’s no reason honest people can’t run businesses.

In fact they should produce and own businesses. 

Look what happens when we don’t. We are barely making, building things here in the country. Our products are built in questionable ways (ex: lead in children toys, BPA)….unemployment is high…the youth doesn’t have much hope but is waiting for the days they will “get a job” after their lengthy education,…hopes aren’t high…We are not busy enough.

So having and running a business is your exchange with your community, it is a responsibility.

 When I was young, I acquired a pair of jeans that said “Made in the USA”, that was so exciting! Because we didn’t have money to buy American Made stuff!

After I started living here in 2000’s, I kept seeing “Made in China”  on everything…there is nothing wrong with international exchange on some items….but when the situation is so that everything in your household is made in another country , it gets frustrating….you ask WHY? How Come?

So unfortunately I didn’t get to enjoy American made items, even though I live here! Odd situation I tell you.

Where is the “Made in the US” Glory?

You can bring it back! And boy is there an international market out there IF you had a product. Despite all the crazy politics , people admire America. It’s where you get away from it all, it is where you have some space, it is where the big creativity happens, it is where there is hope (they don’t know we are getting hopeless here). Market it like crazy. So make lots of money, better than being poor.
If you don’t need the money, invest your money in establishing new businesses.

Plan your business today.  Electronics? Household Items? Clothing? Creative items?Organic Farming?

What are you passionate about?


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