At any given time, you have the choice to go to the opposing directions. Let’s imagine them being like “North” and “South”.

One having  survival choices for yourself and others, the other one having non-survival choices for yourself and others.

It doesn’t matter where you are on the axis (imagined line), you always have the choice to go up and down. Even if you lived under total oppression, you still have your positive imagination.

 If you could do nothing but use your imagination positively, that would still be an “up”, you see. And many of us don’t live under total oppression.

 So if you can’t make HUGE positive changes,  pay attention to those small things. Don’t underestimate them. They usually add up. IF you keep acting on positive small things, their effect gets bigger and bigger, like a snowball that is being rolled.

Finding options for yourself is better than finding no options. It’s like locating a path   It’s like seeing a wormhole  or an opening.

Or it’s like as if you were on a field and wanted to go across the field, BUT, this field had many poles erected on it. You walk a bit, then you come to a pole,  blocked! What are you gonna do?

Don’t go back! or Don’t stand still!

Look side ways , not just “front and back”.

Most people in life don’t even consider side ways, they are focused on  ” up and down”, or “right or wrong”, “back and forth”… Some people even prefer standing still.

 So boring! Reminds me of the time when I was an apprentice working at a successful company in Turkey ,during high school. After high school I could have kept my position. Have a steady income.  I remember having a conversation with someone about it…”doing this everyday?” ” Wow! No! At the age of 17, I had my curiosity and wasn’t scared enough to tie myself down with a desk job.

To me, it would have been a stand still at that time.

Few years later, when I couldn’t pass the examinations to study biology at a university I said, ok I can’t study now, then I’ll be an Au-Pair. See, sideways. I didn’t grow up dreaming to be an au-pair, it was a new thing, I saw the ads on the newspapers. Sounded interesting, decided to give it a try. That was one path I located at the time.

I’m not  suggesting giving up your dreams. You try, you try, you try….when you come to a point you don’t want to try anymore, you create another plan, that’s all. Otherwise you’ll stand still or go backwards.

 Back to the field example. So you look sideways and see there is a little bit of space , you get into that space, after that you can even walk a bit forward. It looks not much of a change, but it sure beats the option of going back or standing still. Right? You came forward just a little, then there is another pole, so you go side way from that, do the same thing….well before you know it you are in the middle of the field. You pretty much dodged the poles.

When you get there, believe it or not, you already differentiated yourself from millions of people. You can equate this situation to having your own business, making enough money for yourself and creating opportunities for others as well.

You could also equate it to personal success and spreading and encouraging success. In however way you do it.

If  “North” and “South” are options, so are “East” and “West”. Consider  360 degrees of solutions, not just the ” customary ways”.


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