The physical act of laying tiles is called Tiling. Simple.

This is another low cost start up business idea.

 I would strongly suggest apprenticing with a tile layer for a few weeks – for free. Instead of taking classes….I haven’t noticed community colleges offering classes on this subject anyway. You help the person and the person teaches you in return.

Above video belongs to Ceramictec Tampa Tile Contractor. Apparently there are new tiles that look like wood. Pretty.

Here is a video showing how to cut and fit tiles.


Tiling may be simple action (once you learn) but you can create beautiful spaces. Look at the above room. Tiles are laid in a pattern in the middle, looks like there is a carpet there.

Tiles add aesthetic and value to properties, whether it is a house or an apartment, a restaurant or other type of business.

Most people appreciate nicely tiled floors, bathroom walls, showers, back-splashes  etc.

Have you seen the home buying shows on HGTV?

You could potentially make good money once you get started.

Conditions are, deliver what you promise and advertise (online or otherwise).


 And no, you don’t have to be a boy to lay tiles. As far as I can figure, there is no heavy lifting is involved. You handle one tile at a time. I’m sure somebody delivers and puts the tiles where you need them. Come on girls! : )


Beautiful! Don’t you think?


If you don’t create this business for yourself , who is going to create luxurious bathrooms or other flooring for the rich and the famous?

If you don’t, someone else will…that’s for sure.

Let’s finalize this topic by saying that, getting the skill for tiling is easy, you can create beautiful finishes. Tiles are applicable to living quarter floors, kitchen back-splashes, bathroom  walls and showers, around tubs, stairs, patios, pathways, pools…so tile layers are needed and they can make good money.

Pull it off!


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