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One thing people in general don’t do is leave feedback.

I know it doesn’t just happen to my blog.

I have a poll on http://helenprana.blogspot.com/, months go by no one clicks on anything.

I’m aware that some people have to get an account and all, but some already have an account.

Please take the poll on this space. I would like to know what you think.

My advice to you in general, when the product matters to you (in a good way or bad way), you let the people behind it know.

Let’s say you belong to a group and you really appreciate the whole group and the idea that brings you all together….let them know so, with words. Since people don’t read minds, they won’t fully know unless you say it.

Let’s say you see a product out there that is harmful. Let the persons behind it know, especially if they have a poll/survey. Use it.

Let your grocery store know that you wasted your money on crappy/gone stuff 3rd time in 2 months.

So these people can improve, so they can know, so they can continue (with good work).

As much as you can.


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