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Hello you out there. Your current life and existence isn’t just there, not effecting anything.

So wrong. I used to think that way too.

Individuals in their lives are ALWAYS up to something.

These somethings can be in many forms, including up to “nothing”.

Even the individuals that choose to do nothing about things (apparent “up to nothing”)  are doing something. Doing nothing is something.  Ignoring is something. Their action is the “doing nothing”. It’s still a verb.

So what is the gist of your life?

Are you up to “I like being weird”

or ” Poor me, I am suffering so much”

or  “It’s all mine!”

 or  “I’m out to get all of you”

or maybe “Oooh, look at my cuuuute body” . Funny one. A lot of people nowadays are like that.

So if any one of these apply to you, perhaps you could change it. Have a different attitude.

I know many people in the world are about “I don’t know” , “I can’t” , “It’s not my responsiblity”, “I’m not entitled to…”, ” I need to be approved by an authority”.

Pay attention. If you have the last 5 attitudes, I’ll tell you, you are making a mistake that is stupid.

Replace them. Because you do have the authority, you are entitled, you do know or can know and can do as well.

The basic-est way you can do these (here I am inventing words) is by being successful and know that your attitude is helping to create a pattern in the world (pattern of attitude),  and by improving your knowledge about life.



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