A lovely casual businesswoman having an enjoyable discussion with another person.

HEY guys! All of you within the U.S. or in other countries.  I hope you are getting motivated to start your business, imagine and create solutions for problems (in your life or otherwise).

The subjects I talk about here  (the business ideas)  whether it’s pottery, woodwork, tile work, writing, soap making, card making, travel journalism, on and on…I am interested in all these creations myself!

I couldn’t possibly do all these by myself, that’s where you come in….: ) Chuckle.

You start producing, making money, being independent, I’ll be happy for you and for me.

It’s not like producing things myself, but close enough, I’ll be your motivational person for success. : )

Having said that,  I realized the necessity of having examples for the points I make.

Otherwise it’s a “One woman show” : ) I talk you listen, you might not believe in the things I am talking about. So I’ve got to prove them to you, right.

Change: I am letting you know that I will be interviewing small business owners or people that change conditions in their sphere, that are being successful, that had/have challenges, and they are continuously overcoming those.


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