There are a lot of things a person CAN do in this world.

Many things people in general shy away.

How do I know?

I used to be one of them! And I think I’m pretty ordinary. I didn’t use to be very shy necessarily or very out there either.


I am different now though.

In the past I used to look for approval from authority, I used to consider  having a business not my cup of tea, I didn’t like salespeople (I told  this to my husband  back in the day, when I found out that he was a salesman, he thought I was a mean person). I now know that there can be “bad-greedy businessman”, “bad-cheating salesman” but not ALL  are that way. In fact most business people and sales people aren’t bad….it’s the few that give these subjects the bad name.

Without the salespeople, how can we keep commerce alive throughout the world?

I used to be indifferent to money too. I still am in a way, that’s for sure, but I also know that money is the result of one’s activities, and communication with others. That’s all.

A person doesn’t have to have 1001 needs…if there is no need to spend, the money can be used for the good of people. So don’t say no to money if it comes your way.

It can be used to open up new businesses, start positive projects etc.

I also know that things CAN be brought about. Whatever you want on a personal level, you can decide and do it.

I knew this before already but NOw I understand that when you try to reach your goal, you can encounter barriers , life is a bit complicated thing, failing and surprises do occur…so perfection doesn’t happen right away. Only after you have activity in that field for a while you can say, “well this thing is looking more like my goal now”. Then it can get better and better from there on.

Get ready for challenges, don’t be surprised if you fail, keep trying. Keep the activity going in whatever field you have your goal in, no matter how bad you think you are doing, no matter how insignificant the activity looks.  Modify your plans, make adjustments and improvements if necessary would get results!


Example: people try to do art, then see that it doesn’t look like other people’s art, they give up.

The right way to go about is, you make your own art, don’t even have the compulsion to be like others. However, if you want to make art like the other people especially, because you really appreciate it, look at other people’s art (the books, galleries), try to figure out how they are doing it (art class)….then you will produce what you want.

There sure was a point in my life that I hated the idea of taking a class over art, such as learning how to draw. I thought I should know it naturally! Damn it! Well, apparently I didn’t know it naturally for one reason or other, so it’s no problem anymore, I can take a class to learn techniques.

When most people hear me and the others saying “start your business” , they probably think, they should have large sums of money (borrowed from a bank or a relative),  rent an expensive space to open up a shop, make “business plans” etc.

So they are not breaking it down to levels.

Level 1 is get your hands on your product. If you are making  the product, learn how to make it, and start making it.

If you are going to sell already made items, buy them, increase your inventory, first sell them online , sell them in farmers market, door-to-door…be creative, be busy with  these activities.

I assure you, your confidence will increase, you will develop a knowledge about having a business, and you not renting a place can save you money, so you can invest in the business. It can even help you create a clientele.

So start small, GO BIG,  and sure you CAN.


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